4 Easy Ways to Make a $100

If you are looking to make easy money up to $100 or maybe more in quick time, I have collected the best resources. All you need to do is utilize your time and effort in a smart way and you are on the way to earn quick money.

Let’s have a look at the top easy ways to quickly earn $100.

1.  Get Paid to Perform Tasks

Get Paid to Perform Tasks

Such jobs allow you to work right from the comfort of your home, as per your own schedule and terms, and earn money. You don’t have to go out, bear fuel/transportation expenses, and waste time in traveling for such jobs. There is a wide range of categories for such jobs.

From creative writing to digital marketing, programming to designing, website reviews to video sharing, you have plenty of options at your disposal to choose the work you want to do to earn some extra cash. One such website is Fiverr. You can earn $5 or more for completing simple tasks such as writing digital marketing content, or “Photoshoping” a picture.


2. “Sitting” Jobs

This one involves babysitting, pet-sitting, and even home-sitting. If you like spending time and taking care of babies or pets, this fondness can help you to earn some extra bucks. Moreover, if your neighbors or friends are moving out of town for few days, you can take care of their home i.e. water their plants and collect mail etc. and earn some cash for your services.

Rover is one such website that can help you to land such jobs.


3. Take Surveys

Filling out surveys may seem like a time-consuming task; however, it can actually prove to be a great way of earning. The process is simple; take a survey and earn money. However, you need to beware of the scams. There are so many paid survey websites; selecting the best one out there can prove to be an overwhelming task. Moreover, there is also a risk of fraud and scam. Do your research before selecting the best paid survey site, which is authentic and pays a decent amount of money, take time out from your routine to fill in the surveys and keep the money rolling in your bank account.

For the people who want to make money by taking surveys, we have got some reliable paid survey websites. These websites are SwagBucks, InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, and MyPoints.


4. Use your talents

If you are a pro in a sport or have some other talent, you can use it to earn money. For example, a musician can take music classes or a golf player can teach golf to beginners in their free time. Some other options, when it comes to selling your talents, include tutoring, personal training etc. On a whole, selling your talents can prove to a great source of income; however, you need to be professional in the sport or the talent you are willing to teach others.
My favorite is creating video tutorials that keep generating income months or even years after you are done working on them. Learn more at Udemy.