Got a Dollar? Here is How to Spend It.

What can you buy for a dollar? When thinking about what to do with it, sometimes these are options:

  • Stick it in a change jar, and think about it when you’ve gathered 20 of them?
  • Gift it to a toddler, who doesn’t yet know the value of money?
  • Fold it into an origami bowtie?
  • Use it as a bookmark, instead of spending $3 on an actual bookmark?

The dollar alone doesn’t seem very valuable these days. Can it even buy you anything in the vending machine down the hall?

Here are 5 surprisingly valuable things you can do with just $1.

1. Start Investing

When you don’t have a lot to begin with, investing to grow your money seems like a distant dream. But new micro-investing apps let you dip your toes in this once-rich-man’s game and put your money, even if small amounts, to work.

For example, the Clink investment app lets you invest in the stock market with as little as $1 a day.

The smallest amount you can invest is $1 a day, which Clink automatically withdraws from your checking account. You can also simply choose to invest larger amounts on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Or, link your credit card, and have Clink invest a percentage of what you spend — so you can make sure you’re balancing your spending habits with smart savings! To get started, download the app here.

2. Enjoy 45 Days of Hulu

Take the leap into the 21st century, and give Hulu a shot.

The service normally costs $7.99 a month, but if you sign up for Groupon, you can get this exclusive deal: 45 days of Hulu Limited Commercials for $1.

You can watch tons of popular shows streaming on Hulu the day after they air, and the entire series, including past seasons of current shows like “Modern Family” and classics like “The Twilight Zone.”

The basic subscription is ad-supported, and you can upgrade to the $11.99 a month No Commercials plan to watch everything ad-free and really stick it to your no-TV friends. Here’s the link to sign up for Groupon.

3. Buy Dinner at Jimmy John’s Every April

Fans line up for this deal every year because of how great it is.

To say thanks to us, the eaters of sandwiches, Jimmy John’s sells select subs for just $1 on Customer Appreciation Day. Lines can be long, but at least you get to connect with other JJ fans while you’re there!

4. Get a Soda

McDonald’s is trying to lure us back in with a simple move: charging just $1 for any size soft drink and $2 for select McCafe drinks.

But if you like a bargain, this one’s tempting. And once you’re close, you won’t be able to resist the smell of the fries. Thankfully, rumors say the restaurant will bring back our beloved Dollar Menu any day now…

5. Rent an RV (That’s right!)

If you love RV’s you should check out RV relocation deals. If you’re a frequent road-tripper, this is also for you.

Rental companies have to move vehicles around to meet demand in certain cities. If a glut of vehicles has made their way to New York — but not back to Indiana, Colorado or Washington — those other locations have to somehow be restocked.

Instead of taking on the full expense of sending an employee to drive a vehicle across the country, companies rent their vehicles to you. By sticking to their schedule and destination, you get a steep discount.

You can find relocation deals for RVs, as well as cars, trucks and campervans.