Making Money

Would you say no to extra cash? Well, there are so many reasons to make a steady source of second income. “Money” needs constant attention and effort. Luckily, you don’t have to take major risks for a bit of cash. Just a pinch of enthusiasm, creativity, and willingness will do the trick.

idea concept with light bulbs on blue background

#1 Creating Apps

In this modern era, everyone owns a smartphone. These devices run on applications. So, try and create apps. A streamlined app can be sold for several thousand dollars. You must understand the process of creating and selling apps. Try to introduce a humane touch to your apps. Here is a simple overview on how you can create an app for blogs:

  1. Idea for your blog
  2. Research on what the article should contain
  3. Plan the section
  4. Write your blog
  5. Publish and promote

The application you design should understand the workflow and help the user write effective blogs. In simpler terms, it must assist publishers, writers, and editors. The entire process has to be streamlined and quick. In fact, your application should allow writers to send copies of the blog to reviewers.

A well-designed application will be worth lots of money. Plus, you must advertise it wisely and attract as many users as possible. Here are few tips on how to advertise your application:

  1. Initiate an online marketing campaign
  2. Pass information through “Word of Mouth”.
  3. Make use of crowd-sourcing

#2 Investing on Penalized Sites

Do you know that Google penalizes hundreds of websites every day? Google has made life difficult for many small businesses. If you have mastered SEO and SEM, try helping these businesses. You can buy penalized sites and make them search engine optimized. Next, you should divert valuable traffic towards these sites. Soon, the search engine will change its mind and improve your site’s overall ranking. This way the small business and you will start making more revenue.

#3 Affiliate Opportunities

Some of the world’s finest brands offer affiliate opportunities. This includes brands like Office Depot, Amazon, Staples, and Disney! These opportunities pay a handsome amount of money. Most affiliate programs are commission-based tasks. You will not gain any basic or full-time payment. But, you will be paid for every work you accomplish. Affiliates will be asked to blog, improve the brand’s social media sites and even interact with potential customers.

The golden rule for making money through affiliate programs is simple: You attract more customers towards the brand, and you get more rewards!